Crochet The Summer Skies Crop Top

Crochet The Summer Skies Crop Top


Crochet The Summer Skies Crop Top

Hi everyone! Today I hope you are well, I am bringing to you a new tutorial, on how to Crochet The Summer Skies Crop Top. You can download the free PDF pattern at the bottom of this page for this super simple and easy top.

The Youtube video tutorial can be found here as always: Link to The Summer Skies Top Video Tutorial

Crochet The Summer Skies Crop Top
This is a great beginner project

The story behind the top

I loved making this gorgeous crop top because it really put me in a Summer mood. Its simple structure of a long continuous panel made from rows of Double Crochets makes it very endearing, as does the lace effect on the front of this top. The best part is that there is only minimal sewing on this project, so it’s very relaxing and straightforward to crochet. After that, the straps are very easy to create also. They are later stitched onto the finished top.

The laced up effect of this top really gives it character and makes it a bit sexy, which is always a plus. Crocheted to be a cropped top, it can also be a regular length top, as you can just carry on adding rows of Double Crochets to make it longer. So it’s really versatile, and can be “customized” very easily.

Crochet The Summer Skies Crop Top
The Summer Skies Crop Top is so easy

Some tips and tricks on how to Crochet The Summer Skies Crop Top

To make this project, you need to use Lion Brand’s Feels Like Butta yarn, it is divine to work with! So soft and squishy, with just the right amount of stretch to it, it is now one of my favourite yarns (probably like most Lion Brand yarns!). If you have ever used this yarn, let me know what you thought of it, I love to connect with my crochet family.

I used Sirdar Cotton DK in a light pink yarn to create the lace at the front. I love the effect of both those yarns put together! You can use any yarn you have at home for the lace, but it has to be a DK/Light 3 yarn in weight.

Creating a simple crop top with a lace up front was a real delight. To be honest, I was thinking of making one of these patterns for a while now, and I am delighted with how it has come out. The contrast between the Feels Like Butta yarn and the cotton lace up at the front really makes this crochet Summer Skies special. Also, this pattern comes in a variety of sizes, which is really good too.

I always love it when you can have a matching top and headband, it really looks cute!

As you know I love pink, and I am very pleased to bring to you this cute Summer project. We all need a little bit of crochet happiness right now, so I know I have a few projects on the go at the moment (all of which will be turned into free patterns and video tutorials on this blog).

Crochet The Summer Skies Crop Top

I have already made a Boho headband using this very yarn, you can find the free pattern and video tutorial here

This pattern is simple enough so that even the novice crocheter can create it easily. So please don’t be afraid if you are new to crochet and you haven’t yet created a garment such as a top. As a project, this could be the perfect way to start making garments, and also necessitates very little sewing. Indeed, the only sewing we do on this top is for the straps, so it is very easy and quick.

All in all it is a very quick and easy crochet top to make, and very flattering too. I love wearing mine with dungarees or a pair of jeans. The yarn used is pretty and easy to crochet with, which is a huge added bonus. Let me know if you have made one, and you can always connect with me through Social Media such as Instagram or Facebook (all the links are on my Homepage), you can also join my Facebook group called Selina Veronique’s Crochet Corner.

Take care my lovelies,

Lots of love,


You can download the free PDF pattern here Crochet Summer Skies Laced up top by Selina Veronique

The Pattern

Level: Easy +

Gauge: 10 DC= 9 cm (3,5”)

3 rows = 4 cm (1,5”)

Size of finished project (excluding straps):

S: 21 cm x 43 cm (8,4”x17”)

M:21 cm x 46 cm (8,4”x18”)

L: 23 x 49 cm

XL: 23 x 52 cm


2 skein of Lion Brand Feels Like Butta, in shade Dusty Pink

1 skein of Sirdar Cotton DK in shade Chilled RosΓ© (or any other DK/Light 3 weight yarn in 100% cotton in a light pink/blush)

A 4 and 5 mm crochet hooks

A tapestry needle

A pair of scissors


I will be writing in US terms

Ch: chain

Sk: skip

SP: space

Sl st: Slip stitch

SC: Single Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

St: Stitch

EOR: End of row

Body of top (=one large strip that is folded to create top):

Size S, (M), [L], XL

With 5 mm crochet hook and Feels Like Butta yarn,

Ch 105+3 for base chain (109+3), [115+3], 119+3

Complete rows as follows:

1: DC into 4th ch from hook, and into each ch until eor (first ch 3 counts as a DC)

2: 3 ch (=DC), DC into 2nd DC from previous row and into each DC until eor

3-14 (for sizes L and XL, carry on until row 16): Repeat row 2

15 [17], 17: 1 ch (=SC), SC into 2nd DC from previous row and into each DC until eor

16 [18], 18: [3 ch, sk 1 st, SC into next st] until eor (= chain arch edging at the bottom of top)

Fasten off, tidy up loose end

Straps (make 2):

Ch 50 (52) [54], 56

1: HDC into 3rd ch from hook, HDC into each ch until eor

2: 3 ch (=HDC+ch sp), [sk 1 st, ch 1, HDC into next st] until eor

3: 2 ch (=HDC), HDC into 2nd and each st until eor

Fasten off, leaving long tail to sew into top.

Front tie:

With 4 mm crochet hook and Sirdar Cotton Dk, chain 320.

Fasten off, tidy up all loose ends

To make up top:

Take body of top and fold it so that the seam is exactly at the center front, with the chain arch edging facing down. Place your straps at each side of the top, and count 14 (15), [16], 17 Double Crochets from arm pit and attach the very edge of one strap to the top at that spot. Flip top over with the strap delicately, so as to sew the strap on the inside of the top, and sew strap onto top. Do the exact same on the back part of the top to secure the other side of the strap (again counting the right amount of Double crochets for the size of your top from the armpit); Repeat for second strap on the other side of top.

Once the straps are secured, place the top face up, with the seam at the center once again. Take cotton lace chain, and measuring it so that it is perfectly folded in two, start lacing it into the top, starting from the bottom. Place each lace tie side between two Double Crochet stitches on either side of top, and lace up the tie chain into each row, and tie into a knot at top of project.

Tidy up all loose ends.


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