Crochet Romantic 1950s Hair Scarf
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Crochet Easy and Romantic 1950’s Hair Scarf


Crochet Easy and Romantic 1950’s Hair Scarf |Vintage Crochet Series

Hello my dear Crochet friends, today I am bringing to you a new project. It’s for the Crochet Easy and Romantic 1950’s Hair Scarf, part of my Vintage Crochet Series. This pattern is very easy and cute to make.

Here in the UK the lockdown has been extended another three weeks (since last week), so I am staying busy with my crochet projects.

I am so grateful for my never ending yarn stash, however I have still bought some more yarn online.

So many ideas for my crochet project have popped into my head these days, I feel like my heart is overflowing, in a good way.

This week I am bringing to you a romantic and bohemian design (my favourite kind of projects it seems), it’s so easy and so feminine, I absolutely adore it!

This project is inspired by the hair scarfs from the 1950’s, and is part of my Vintage Crochet Series.

My Youtube video tutorial can be found here: Crochet 1950s Scarf Video Tutorial

1950s Fashion

I really enjoyed making this fresh, sweet and feminine crochet accessory, reminiscent of dainty and delicate women. It is fresh and youthful, as well as very easy to accessories with any outfit that you may already have in your closet. I just used a simple elastic to tie my hair back in a high ponytail, before adding the crochet scarf as a finishing touch. And I love the effect!

I have seen so many of these hair scarfs/neckerchief in stores, and thought it would be so lovely to make a crochet one. This is a very easy pattern and it is made with a 100% DK yarn (in this case, Sirdar Cotton DK). It can be made with any similar yarn (in America this is a size light 3 yarn).

I really love this hair scarf, when I am wearing it I feel very feminine and like I have just stepped into the 1950s. The pink colour adds to the delicacy of this crochet accessory, and makes it a great addition for any wardrobe as it goes with everything.

The Pattern inspiration

Crochet Romantic 1950s Hair Scarf
Crochet this romantic project with the free pattern

I have a passion for cotton at the moment, and I am really enjoying the Boho romantic vibes these cotton designs give off. Crochet is so versatile, and so different according to whether it is Summer or Winter. At the moment I am definitely exploring the Summer vibes and cotton crochet projects, and I am really enjoying it!

Even though the weather here in the UK has been terrible, wearing summery accessories really uplifts my mood and help me feel as if we do have a Summer here too! I know it’s not going to last, and that we will have our sunny days too, and I cannot wait for these to arrive.

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Au revoir my lovelies,

Lots of love,


The Pattern

You can purchase the Ad free PDF pattern from my Etsy store here: Crochet Hair Scarf PDF pattern

Level: Easy

Gauge (this is measured on the “full” rows, not the increase/decrease rows): 6 cmx6 cm = 11 stitches and 6 rows

Size of finished rows: 6 cm x 111 cm (2,5” x 44”)


1 skein of Sirdar Cotton DK (or any other cotton yarn in DK/Light 3 yarn)

4 mm crochet hook

Stitch Marker

Tapestry needle

A pair of scissors


I will be writing in US terms

Ch: chain

Sk: skip

SP: space

Sl st: Slip stitch

HDC: Half Double Crochet

HDC tog: Half Double Crochet Together in one stitch

EOR: End of row

Begin pattern here:

Ch 4

Complete rows as follows:

1: HDC into 3rd ch from hook, HDC in next ch (=3 HDC)

2 (Begin increase rows): Ch 2 (=HDC), HDC in same 1st st (=2 HDC tog), place stitch marker on that side, turn your work, and HDC in next 2 HDC from previous row

3: Ch 2 (=HDC), turn your work, HDC into next HDC until eor, 2 HDC tog into last stitch (ch 2 from previous row which counts as a HDC)

4: Ch 2 (=HDC), turn your work, HDC into same 1st st (=2 HDC tog), HDC into next HDC until eor

5: Repeat row 3

6: repeat row 4

7: repeat row 3

8: repeat row 4

9: repeat row 3

10-108: Ch 2 (=HDC), turn your work, HDC into each HDC from previous row until eor

109 (Begin decrease rows): Ch 2 (=HDC), turn your work, HDC into each HDC from previous row, leave last stitch unworked

110: Ch 1, turn your work, HDC into 2nd HDC from previous row, HDC into next HDC until eor

111: Repeat row 109

112: Repeat row 110

113: Repeat row 109

114: Repeat row 110

115: Repeat row 109

116: Repeat row 110

117: Repeat row 109

Fasten off, tidy up all loose ends.



  • Helen

    I would love to see a cross over shawl as seen on the series Outlander. Thank you for the patterns. You are very talented.

    • Selina Veronique

      Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed the pattern, and that is a great idea, I will definitely look at a cross over shawl for my vintage crochet series.

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