Crochet Granny Triangle Pattern

Crochet Granny Triangle Pattern


Β Crochet Granny Triangle Pattern

Hello everyone, this week I am bringing to you a brand new tutorial on how to crochet the granny triangle pattern. This crochet pattern is perfect for shawls. You can also use this technique for bandanas and so many more beautiful projects.

You can find my Youtube tutorial for this project here:

I recently used this technique for the Elenena Boho Shawl. This is a super easy project, perfect for all seasons. It works up very easily and looks wonderfully modern and vintage all at once!

For this project, you can use any yarn and crochet hook that you prefer. It is a very versatile crochet pattern, which can be adapted to any project you want to make.

Crochet The Elena Boho Wrap
This is a great example of the granny triangle pattern

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 Crochet Granny Triangle Pattern: the pattern

Level: Easy/Beginner

Notes: I will be using US terms

You will need:

A skein of yarn of your choice

The corresponding crochet hook

A tapestry needle

A pair of scissors


Ch: chain

Sl st: slip stitch

DC: Double Crochet (UK Treble)

SC: Single Crochet (UK Double)

Crochet Granny Triangle Pattern
This is a very easy pattern
To begin:

To start, make a slip knot

Ch 4, sl st through 1st chain to form a ring

Repeat rows as follows:

1: Ch 4 (DC + ch space); 3 DC in the circle, ch 2, 3 DC in the circle; ch 1; 1 DC

2: Turn your work; ch 4 (1 DC + ch space). In next chain space from previous row, place 3 DC; ch 1. Now, in next space (which is also the center), 3 DC, ch 2, 3 DC, ch 1; in next ch space, 3 DC, ch 1, 1 DC.

3: Turn your work, ch 4 (1 DC + ch space), 3 DC in ch space, ch 1. In next space, 3 DC, ch 1; then, in next space (center) 3 DC, ch 2, 3 DC, ch 1; in next ch space, 3 DC, ch 1; inside next chain space, 3 DC, ch 1, 1 DC.

4-end: Repeat row 3, following the repeat pattern explained above. The wrap will naturally increase following this pattern.

Fasten off, tidy up all loose ends.

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