Crochet Masculine & Classic Man Scarf

Crochet Masculine & Classic Man Scarf


Crochet Masculine & Classic Man Scarf

Hi everyone! I hope you are well. This week I am bringing to you a new and super fun project, on how to crochet a masculine and classic man scarf. This is a perfect gift idea, and a very easy scarf to crochet.

Christmas is now just around the corner it seems. Indeed, Christmas shops and decorations seem to have popped up everywhere this month, and it has put me in a really festive mood. 2020 has definitely been a challenge, and I feel Christmas is now really close! It’s confusing to some extent, however, why not take this opportunity to crochet our loved ones a beautiful accessory?

The video tutorial can be found here: Crochet Masculine and Stylish Scarf Video Tutorial

Crochet Masculine & Classic Man Scarf
The Alpine stitch looks very masculine

Crochet Masculine & Classic Man Scarf: behind the pattern

This pattern is very easy and repetitive, so it’s a perfect project to crochet on a chilly night. It uses the Alpine stitch, which is one of my absolute favourite stitches. It can look so cosy and wintery, and reminds me so much of my original French Alps. This stitch really puts me in a Christmas mood.

The Alpine stitch is a tight woven stitch, and can really look very masculine and manly. This is definitely a big bonus when crocheting an accessory for a man. It also looks very classic and can be worn very easily, so a great addition to any man’s wardrobe.

I actually created a similar crochet scarf last year, but decided this pattern was too beautiful to not improve and refresh. So here we are, with a brand new pattern, photos and videos!

Crochet Masculine & Classic Man Scarf
This is quite an easy project

Crochet Masculine & Classic Man Scarf: the yarn

I used James C Brett Marble Chunky yarn for this project. This is a regular chunky 100% acrylic yarn which can be substituted very easily if you so desire. I love this yarn as it comes in a lot of different shades, including really masculine colours. This is great when you are looking to crochet a gift for a man, and are not quite sure which colours to choose. This yarn is slightly speckled and variegated, making it really easy to use for any project.

Let me know if you love this yarn as much as I do. I know I use it quite often. Have you started making your Christmas gifts yet? I know I started during the “Christmas in July” challenge, but I have not really been crocheting Christmas gifts since the Summer. I think my next projects will be Christmas presents.

Crochet Masculine & Classic Man Scarf
The Alpine stitch is an easy stitch

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Crochet Masculine & Classic Man Scarf: the pattern

You can purchase the Ad free PDF pattern from my Etsy store here: Crochet Masculine and Classic Scarf PDF pattern

This really helps support my business, and I truly appreciate your support.

LevelΒ : Easy +

NotesΒ : I will be using US terms

GaugeΒ : 4 x 4 inches (10×10 cm) = 6 rows and 10 stitches

Size of finished scarfΒ : 9.5×77 inches (24×196 cm)

You will need :

2 skeins of James C brett Marble Chunky yarn in shade MC59

A 6.5 mm hook

A pair of scissors

A tapestry needle (to weave in ends)

AbbreviationsΒ :

ChΒ : chain

Sl stΒ : slip stitch

SCΒ : Single crochet (UK double)

DCΒ : Double crochet (UK Treble)

FPDCΒ : Front post Double Crochet

EORΒ : End of row

Pattern begins hereΒ :

Make a slip knot, and chain 28

Complete rows as follows:

1 : SC into 3rd ch from hook, and SC into each stitch until eor (=26 stitches)

2 : Ch.3 (counts as DC throughout), turn your work, and DC into every stitch until eor

3 : Ch.1 (counts as SC throughout), turn your work, and SC into every stitch until eor

4 : Ch.3, turn your work, [Front post DC into 2nd st (DC from previous row), DC into SC from previous row] until eor

5 : Ch 1, turn your work, SC into every stitch until eor

6 : Ch 3, turn your work, [DC into SC from previous row, FPDC into DC form previous row (alternating the FPDC/DC from the previous rows)] until eor

7 :Repeat row 5

8-row 186 : Alternate rows 3,4,5,6 until end of project

Tidy up all loose ends.




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