Crochet Ombre Violet Cowl

Crochet Ombre Violet Cowl


Crochet Ombre Violet Cowl

Hi everyone! Today I will be showing you how to make this beautiful Crochet Ombre Violet Cowl.

I hope you are well. This week I am bringing to you a new crochet project, which is for a super comfy and chunky cowl. This cowl is soft and and the colours are ultra feminine. The best part is it can be made in under two hours as it is such a quick and easy project to make.

Crochet Ombre Violet Cowl
This is a great project for Christmas presents

I have a lot more projects coming, so stay tuned for more crochet designs coming this winter.

As always the video tutorial is available on my Youtube channel here:Β Crochet Ombre Violet Cowl Video Tutorial

A beautful yarn, James C Brett’s Marble Chunky

This cowl was made using James C Brett’s Marble Chunky in shade MC72, which is a variegated yarn mixing blues, lilacs and soft pinks, my favourite colours. This project only calls for a tiny bit of this very big ball of yarn. I was thinking of making a hat or ear-warmers to match. In any case, this yarn is really pleasant to work with, and there are a lot of different colours to choose from, which is a big plus. I loved working on this project, and I hope you enjoy it too.

Lots of projects coming soon

I am currently moving homes with my small baby. I have a lot of projects in the wings for this blog as soon as I have settled down and have more time to write blog posts. Also, I would really like to share with you my love of thrifting, and all the lovely things I have bought second hand or upcycled for my new home!

The pattern for The Crochet Ombre Violet Cowl

The simple pattern is created by altering Single and Double Crochets, creating a slightly rised pattern that is very delicate and pretty.

This stitch is really good because it is tightly woven, and therefore creates quite warm projects. It is called the Rice Stitch in French, however I am not sure what it is called in English, so if you know, please do let me know. I will definitely be using this stitch again, so watch this space.

You can make it for a man just by switching colours

Also, I made this exact cowl for my brother, for Christmas, using a different colour from the James C Brett Marble Chunky range. It came out looking amazing and very masculine, so it’s great to keep this in mind if you are looking for a project for a man.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and wishing you a lovely week,

Xoxo Selina.

The free PDF pattern can be downloaded here: Cute chunky Snood

The Pattern for The Crochet Ombre Violet Cowl

Level: Easy/beginner

Gauge: Gauge is not crucial for the completion of this project


I will be using US terms (British terms in brackets)

You will need:

1 skein of James C Brett Marble Chunky in shade MC77

6.5 mm crochet hook

Pair of scissors

Tapestry needle


Sl stΒ : slip stitch

SCΒ : Single Crochet

DC: Double crochet (UK Half Treble)

ChΒ : chain

Begin pattern here:

To start, make a slip knot.

Ch. 22

Complete rows as follows:

1 : SC in 3rd ch from the hook, [DC into next st, SC into next st] until last stitch, DC into last stitch

2 : ch.1 (counts as a SC throughout), [DC into SC from previous row, SC into DC from previous row] until end of row.

3-40 : repeat row 2, alternating SC and DC throughout the project.

Fasten off leaving long tail for sewing, sew both sides of the snood together to form project, tidy up all loose ends.


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