Crochet Romantic Lilac Headband

Crochet Romantic Lilac Headband


Crochet Romantic Lilac Headband Coachella Inspired

Hello everyone, today I am bringing to you The Crochet Romantic Lilac Headband.

I hope you are well, this week I am bringing to you a brand new tutorial on how to crochet this very easy and romantic lilac headband. It is made with 100% cotton yarn in DK weight (in American terms this is a Light 3 yarn). I hope you enjoy this project, it is such a delight to crochet, so let me know in the comments what you thought and if you have any questions!

As always, you can find my Youtube tutorial here Link to The Lilac Headband Video Tutorial

Crochet Romantic Lilac Headband
This is a great Boho accessory

This headband is perfect for the Summer as it is lightweight and lacy, and the subdued lilac colour really does compliment any outfit. The pattern for it is very easy to follow, and gives off a distinct Boho vibe, and is inspired by the fashion of the 1960’s. During that era, larger and lacy hairband were very much in style. I love how it gives off a really cute and modern festival feeling!

The Crochet Romantic Lilac Headband is very quick and beginner friendly. If you are new to crochet, this is a great accessory. If you are an expert crocheter, this is an amazing project too. I used Stylecraft Classique cotton yarn in shade Lavender, however like I previously stated, you can replace this yarn with the yarn of your choice in DK/light 3 weight.

Headbands are so cute

Oh, I am in love with crochet headbands for the Spring/Summer season at the moment. I have a whole library of patterns and video tutorials for these on my blog (just search for “headband”). Also I love working with cotton or linen yarns during the warmer seasons, as they do add to the bohemian and feminine looks I love in crochet creations. Let me know if you love these types of projects too, as I can make more of these then.

Crochet Romantic Lilac Headband
This is a great Summer accessory

I absolutely love Boho headbands reminiscent of the Hippie/70’s era, as they are so cute and romantic looking. You know I love everything about this time in history. I also like how cotton yarn can give so much charm to these simple accessories.

Crochet Romantic Lilac Headband Tips and Tricks

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The Pattern for The Crochet Romantic Lilac Headband

You can purchase the ad free, large print PDF pattern from my Etsy shop: Crochet Lilac Hairband PDF Pattern

This really helps support my small business, and I really appreciate it.

Level: Easy

Gauge: 10 HDC= 6 cm (2,5”)

3 rows = 3 cm (1,2”)

Size of finished project excluding hair ties: 4,5 cm x 40 cm (1,8”x16”)


1 skein of Stylecraft Classique Cotton in shade Lavender (or any other cotton yarn in DK/Light 3 yarn)

4 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Pair of scissors


I will be writing in US terms

Ch: chain

Sk: skip

SP: space

Sl st: Slip stitch

HDC: Half Double Crochet

EOR: End of row

Start Pattern here:

Ch 70 (pattern requires a multiple of 2)

Complete rows as follows:

1: HDC in 3rd ch from hook (first 2 ch counts as a HDC), HDC into each ch until EOR

2: Ch 3 (=HDC+1 ch sp), turn your work, HDC into 4th ch from hook, *ch 1, sk 1 ch, HDC in next st* until EOR

3: Ch 2 (=HDC), HDC into 2nd st, and into every st (both ch sp and HDC from previous row) until EOR

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you reach row 5

Do not fasten off, ch 50 for first corner hair tie (there will be 4 hair ties in total, one in each corner of project). Sl st through 2nd ch, and until eor; secure hair tie to project by slip stitching through a stitch on the hair tie, fasten off and tidy up loose end.

Tie yarn to each remaining 3 corners of project, ch 50 and sl st into 2nd ch, and into each chain until you reach eor.

Secure hair tie with a knot onto project and tidy up all loose ends.



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