Crochet La Vie en Rose Wrap

Crochet La Vie en Rose Wrap


Crochet La Vie en Rose Wrap

Hi everyone! I hope you are well, I am back today with a new pattern that I am very excited to share with you. This is a very easy tutorial on how to crochet La Vie en Rose Wrap.

Life has taken me on a bit of a roller coaster recently, we moved not only house, but also region and all this whilst looking after my tiny precious baby. This explains why I have not been able to update my channel recently. However I am back to share this beautiful wrap/shawl that is very beginner friendly and feminine. I also now live in beautiful North Yorkshire, England, which really inspires my crochet creativity.

I have of course a Youtube video tutorial for this pattern also, you can find it by following this link: Crochet La Vie en Rose Wrap Video Tutorial

Youtube life

Indeed, life has been very intense of late, and I certainly missed my blog and Youtube channel. However, I am back on track, releasing a crochet video and tutorial every week from now on. I just love crocheting and writing up patterns so much, as well as filming and editing my videos.

Crochet La Vie en Rose Wrap
This wrap is very elegant worn with a simple brooch

Crochet La Vie en Rose Wrap: behind the design

I am so happy with this new crochet design, as it is very easy to create, yet so beautiful. If you are a beginner crocheter, this could be a perfect first crochet garment to make, as it is a repeat pattern which is very easy to follow.

The yarn I used is one I particularly adore. It is by James C Brett and is called Northern Lights, which is also a rather beautiful name for a yarn. This yarn is 100% acrylic, and is a gorgeous shade of pink ombre, with some speckles woven into the fabric. This just gives it so much more dimension.

Crochet La Vie en Rose Wrap: a lovely gift

The La Vie en Rose Wrap is very easy to crochet, and feels very soft and smooth as well. I know I really enjoy using this yarn, and will definitely be using for future projects very soon. Have you used this yarn before, and what for? I love to connect with our wonderful crochet community over projects.

Created with a simple filet crochet pattern, it is a great project if you need a new wrap, or if simply you want to crochet someone special a gift. This pattern works up very quickly, and looks very pretty too.

I love the lacy and romantic look of filet crochet.Β  Also, I do think it also has a little bit of an edge to it, which is well balanced by the feminine colour, and delicate fibres of the yarn. I do love “confronting” patterns with different textures and colours, just because I think it gives so much character to crochet garments.

Crochet La Vie en Rose Wrap
The filet crochet stitch is stunning

A very versatile design

This wrap can be worn in a lot of different ways. For instance, you can wear it around your neck like a scarf, or gently wrapped around your shoulders for a chic soirΓ©e. You can also pop a pin/brooch on it so as to wear as a cape. This is a very classy and simple way to wear it too. The best part about this simple wrap is that it is very versatile and can be worn in a multitude of different ways.

Crochet La Vie en Rose Wrap: Behind the name

I decided to name this lacy wrap β€œLa vie en rose” because my life is quite sweet at the moment, and I love this song by Edith Piaf, which came to my mind as I was creating this pattern.

La Vie en Rose is one of my favourite French songs. It reminds me of my native France, which I sometimes miss so much. I definitely know that listening to French music, or watching French films, helps me with home sickness, and really inspires my crochet projects.

I have quite a selection of crochet patterns inspired by the fashion of France on this blog, such as my La Belle Parisienne Wrap, and my 1940s inspired French Shawl, which I absolutely adore. If you would like to check them out, just type those names into the search engine of this blog and they will appear immediately.

Connecting on Social Media

I hope you enjoy crocheting this wrap as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please do let me know in the comments, I love to hear from you and to see your creations.

You can download the free PDF here: La vie en rose wrap pattern

In the meantime, and until next week, take care my lovely crochet friends,

Lots of love,

Selina xxx

Crochet La Vie en Rose Wrap: The pattern

Level: Easy/beginner

Notes: I will be using US terms (British terms in brackets)


– 2 skeins of Northern Lights by James C Brett, shade Pink

– 5 mm crochet hook

– Pair of scissors

– Tapestry needle


Sl stΒ : slip stitch

DCΒ : Double crochet (UK Treble)

ChΒ : chain

Begin pattern here:

To start, make a slip knot.

Β Chain 87

Row 1:

Count 5 chains from the hook (counts as 1st DC and ch 1); in the 5th ch do a DC; [ch 1, sk 1 stitch, DC in next stitch] until end of row.

Round 2-end: ch 3 (counts as 1st DC), turn your work, ch 1, sk 1 stitch and DC into the DC from the previous row; [ch1, DC into DC from previous row] until end of row.

To finish, fasten off and tidy all lose ends.


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