Crochet The Lilac Summer Top

Crochet The Lilac Summer Top


Crochet The Lilac Summer Top

Hi everyone, this week I am bringing to you a new tutorial, on how to crochet The Lilac Summer Top. I am very excited about this project. It is super easy and beautiful, made with a very simple pattern. I love the way it looks, as well as the lovely color. The best news is that it is part of a twin set, with the matching cardigan coming very soon. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

The video tutorial can be found here:

Crochet The Lilac Summer Top: the inspiration

Crochet The Lilac Summer Top
This is a super easy project to crochet

This simple and beautiful top has been in the works for a while now. I had a vision of a very simple strappy top made with a beautiful lilac yarn. This top is crocheted following a very simple one row repeat. This row is created with a succession of Half Double Crochets placed in the back loop only of the previous row. This is what creates this beautiful ribbed effect.

I love this top. The best part of this project is that it is very simple to crochet. It’s super feminine and beautiful, and looks stunning with high waist jeans or shorts. I can also picture this top under a pair of dungarees. This cute little top is also very reminiscent of 90s fashion.

Crochet The Lilac Summer Top
This crochet top has a 90s vibe

Crochet The Lilac Summer Top: the yarn

I used Stylecraft Special Aran in shade Wysteria for this project. I have already created a cardigan with this yarn, called The Beautiful Lilac Cardigan. This project from last year is super easy. It also matches this cute Summer top perfectly.

I love Stylecraft Special Aran so much. It’s a super squishy yarn, and is so easy to crochet. It works up beautifully, and looks very pretty always. I have often used this yarn for many of my projects, and I love how they always turn out. The shade Wysteria is one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite. It is a beautiful lilac shade, that is vibrant and feminine at the same time.

Crochet The Lilac Summer Top
This is a very cute Summer top

Crochet The Lilac Summer Top: the first installment of a twin set

The best part of this crochet project is part of a future twin set. Indeed, a lilac cardigan is coming very soon to my channel. I will be crocheting a matching cardigan for this top very soon, which will be released either next week or the week after.

I have been wanting to crochet a twin set for a long time. Indeed, I was waiting to find the perfect yarn to start this project. Once I had found this yarn, I knew it would be perfect for a Spring/Summer twin set. I can’t wait to crochet this cardigan and release the tutorial soon.

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Summer top
This is the perfect Summer top

Crochet The Lilac Summer Top: the pattern

You can purchase the large print, ad free, PDF pattern from my Etsy store here: Crochet The Lilac Crop Top PDF Pattern

Level: Easy

Notes: I will be writing in US terms


3 (S,M,L), 4 (XL, XXL), 5 (XXXL) skeins of Stylecraft Special Aran in shade Wisteria (or any other Aran yarn of your preference)

5 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Pair of scissors

Stitch marker (optional)


4″ (10 cm)=15 HDC

4″ (10 cm)=9 rows

Sizes of finished top

These are the sizes measured before the top is seamed at the back

S/M: 10″ (26 cm) in length x 28″ (71 cm) in width

L/XL: 11″ (28 cm) in length x 30.5 cm (78 cm) in width

XXL/XXXL: 12″ (31 cm) in lenght x 33″ (84 cm) in width

crochet top
This is perfect with high waist jeans

ch: chain

sk: skip

sp: space

HDC: Half Double Crochet

BLO: Back Loop Only

Pattern begins here

Ch 40 (S, M), 45 (L, XL), 50 (XXL, XXXL)

Complete rows as follows

1: HDC in 3rd ch from hook (first 2 ch counts as a HDC), HDC into each ch until EOR

2: Ch 2 (=HDC), turn your work; HDC in BLO of second stitch and each stitch across, including ch 2 from previous row at the EOR

3-64 (S, M), 69 (L, XL), 74 (XXL, XXXL): repeat row 2

Summer top
Crochet a long rectangle
Sewing your rectangle at the back to create top

Once you have completed your rectangle, fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Now place your project flat on a surface. Fold each side over so as to create a center seam in the middle (this will be the back of the top, and the seam will be at the center).

With piece of yarn and tapestry needle, start seaming the top part of the top together as seen in photo. Sew the seam in straight across, using the mattress stitch.

Summer top
Fold the rectangle like so

Fasten off, tidy up all loose end.

Create 4 straps for your top

Place your top flat on a surface, with the seam at the center (back of project). At the top of the project, count 9 rows from the outside edge side of project, and place a stitch marker at the top of the row.

Attach yarn in this first stitch. Chain 50, fasten off, tidy up all loose ends.

Repeat this process on the 3 other β€œsides” of the top (=4 sides total).

You can now tie your straps together to form two individual straps for your top.

Summer top
These straps give a 90s vibe to this top




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