Crochet The Natalia Poncho

Crochet The Natalia Poncho


Crochet The Natalia Poncho

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I am bringing to you a new project. It’s a tutorial on how to crochet The Natalia Poncho.

This project is super feminine and easy to crochet. If you are a beginner, you can crochet this project. It may seem a little complex at first, but it is just a simple repeat of  two rows.

Easy Summer Poncho
This is a lovely Summer poncho

The video tutorial for this project can be found here: Crochet The Natalia Poncho Video Tutorial

Crochet The Natalia Poncho: a lacy and intricate design made simple

The Natalia Poncho is the perfect Summer accessory. It is lacy and light, as well as very feminine. This design comes in a wide range of sizes from S to XL. It can even be custom made as I will be giving you the exact multiple of chains  you need for the pattern repeat.

Crochet The Natalia Poncho
This is a feminine and lacy design

I used a very vintage type of pattern for this project. It is the fans and treillis stitch pattern which is so intricate, yet very simple. The best part about this crochet poncho is that it is super simple!

This pattern repeat is intricate and lacy, creating the perfect crochet garment. Although it looks complex, it isn’t! It is a simple repeat of only two rows over and over again.

I have already used this pattern repeat for my Regency Era Wrap. You can find the free pattern and video tutorial for this here: Crochet The Regency Era Wrap

Crochet The Natalia Poncho
This poncho can be styled in many different ways

Crochet The Natalia Poncho: a simple Summer garment

This pattern is perfect for a beginner who wishes to expand their knowledge of crochet. Please do not be afraid if you are new to crochet. This project is perfect for you, as it really only uses a repeat of two simple rows.

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Crochet The Natalia Poncho
This is a surprisingly easy project to crochet

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Crochet The Natalia Poncho: The Pattern

You can purchase the Ad free PDF pattern here: Crochet The Lacy Pink Poncho PDF Pattern

Level: Easy +

Notes: I will be writing in US terms

Gauge: 20cm (=8”) =3 fans repeat (+ch2)

7 cm (=3”) =3 rows

Sizes of finished poncho (size of 1 finished rectangle before sewing them both together):

S/M: 75 cm x 40 cm (29,5”x16”)

L/XL: 87 cm x 52cm (34”x20,5”)

Note you can adjust your poncho when you apply this multiple: multiple of 12 sts+11(+1 for base chain)


3 skeins of Stylecraft Special DK in shade Candy Floss, or three 100gr skeins of any DK/light 3 yarn 100% acrylic (note you will need 4 skeins for size L/XL)

4 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Pair of scissors


ch: chain

sk: skip

SP: space

SC: Single Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

TC: Treble Crochet

Sl st: Slip stitch

EOR: End of row

Crochet The Natalia Poncho
Two simple rectangles are needed to create this poncho
Pattern (make 2 rectangles = front and back panels):

Ch 72 for size S/M, ch 96 for size L/XL

Row 1: SC into 2nd ch from hook, *5 ch, sk 3 ch, 1 SC into next ch*, repeat * until last 2 ch; 2 ch, sk 1 ch, DC into last ch

Row 2: Turn your work; 1 ch, SC into same 1st st, miss 2 ch sp, *7 DC into next 5 ch arch, 1 SC into next arch **, 5 ch, 1 SC into next arch*, repeat from* ending last repeat at **, sk ch 2 sp, 2 ch, 1 TC into last stitch.

Row 3: Turn your work; 1 ch, 1 SC into same 1st st, *5 ch, 1 SC into 2nd DC from previous 7 DC fan, 5 ch, 1 SC into 6th DC from previous 7 DC fan **, 5 ch, 1 SC into next 5 ch sp*; repeat from * and ending last repeat at **, 2 ch, 1 TC into last stitch.

Rows 4-end: repeat rows 2 and 3

Carry on until you reach 60 rows for size S/M, and until you reach 66 rows for size L/XL

Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing.

To sew your poncho together:

Place one rectangle lengthwise, and the other one widthwise so as to form an L shape. The longer side of your 1st rectangle should match up to the smaller side of your second rectangle.

Sew this length together using your tapestry needle and long tail. Attach a new piece of yarn to one corner of the project if you cannot use your tail.

Once this stage is completed, place the other ends of your rectangles in such a way that the long side of one rectangle matches up with the longer side of the other rectangle. This should close up your pattern together. You can now sew this side up too.

If you need more help with this stage of the pattern, please refer to my in depth video tutorial. This video tutorial is available on my Youtube channel. The link to it can be found on my blog post for this project.

Neck Edging:

Fasten on yarn. Ch 1, and place SC all along the neck edging at equal intervals. Make sure you do not place too many, as it is better to have a β€œtighter” neck edging. Sl st to first ch 1, fasten off.

Tidy up all loose ends.

Easy Summer poncho
This is very easy project

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