Crochet The Red Velvet Cardigan

Crochet The Red Velvet Cardigan


Crochet The Red Velvet Cardigan

Hi everyone, I hope you are well. Today I am bringing to you a new tutorial on how to crochet The Red Velvet Cardigan.

The weather here in the UK has started to look a lot like Autumn, which is my favourite season to crochet. I am presently in front of my computer with a lovely cup of Camomile tea. It is so soothing and relaxing, and totally complements my love of blogging and crocheting.

Gorgeous and easy, I filmed a step by step video for Youtube which is perfect for beginners tooΒ :Crochet Red Velvet Cardigan Video Tutorial

Crochet The Red Velvet Cardigan
The Granny Square base of this cardigan makes it so lovely

I wanted to show you how to make this gorgeous and easy crochet cocoon cardigan. I named it The Red Velvet Cardigan because of the stunning red colour trimming on the garment. This project is so easy to create, and is a perfect first project for a beginner crocheter and advanced one too. The main part of the cocoon is created by doing a granny square (mine measures 88 cm/35 inches). We then finish this project by making a shell stitch border which adds texture and character to it.

Crochet The Red Velvet Cardigan: a perfect Autumn/Winter staple

I loved making it, it is such a lovely and fun Autumn crochet project. I am sure I will be getting a lot of wear out of this cardigan. To crochet it, I used two Caron cakes in Red Velvet, before trimming it with Stylecraft Special Aran in shade Lipstick (you will only need one skein of this yarn). Also, could we just have a moment of appreciation for the absolute beauty of this yarn by Stylecraft? I love how it turned out, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Crochet The Red Velvet Cardigan
This cardigan is very snuggly

This project is perfect if you are a novice or expert crocheter, as it is very versatile. If you are a beginner crocheter, please do not be afraid, you can create this garment very easily. It is very beginner friendly. Made up from a simple granny square, you then stitch it together to form a wrap, before adding the shell stitch border.

Caron Cake in shade Red Velvet is a beautiful yarn

I have to say I absolutely love Caron Cakes, especially this Red Velvet shade, which is so lovely and contains so many beautiful, vibrant colours. Creating the main granny square with this yarn was an absolute delight. I cannot wait to use this yarn again very soon to make another beautiful crochet accessory (I was thinking a scarf or shawl maybe?)

Let me know if you have any ideas on what to make with this gorgeous yarn, and I would be happy to oblige!

The Shell Stitch edging adds so much delicacy to the cardigan

Crochet The Red Velvet Cardigan
This is a great staple for Autumn/Winter

The shell stitch edging adds a delicate and feminine look to this stunning cardigan. The colour red really makes the whole project vibrant. I cannot wait to make more of these cardigans, and I hope you enjoy crocheting it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Crochet The Red Velvet Cardigan Free Pattern

The free PDF pattern is available here : Red Velvet Cocoon Cardigan

I hope you enjoy this project, let me know in the comments below. Thank you for visiting my blog, I truly appreciate it.

Xoxo, Selina.

The Pattern:

Notes: I will be writing in US terms

Gauge: 11×11 cm (4,5×4,5 inches) = 3 rounds of Granny Square. Gauge is not crucial in this project if measurements of project are respected.


ch: chain

sk: skip

SC: Single Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

Sl st: Slip stitch


2 skeins of Caron Cakes in shade Red Velvet (or any other yarn in Aran/Worsted weight)

1 skein of Stylecraft Special Aran in shade Lipstick (or any other cream yarn in Aran)

6,5 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Pair of scissors

Stitch marker (optional)

Begin pattern here:

With a 6,5 mm hook using Caron Red Velvet yarn, make a Granny Square as follows (complete each round):

1: 4 ch, sl st into 1st stitch to form a ring. 3 ch, 2 DC inside ring (=3 DC); [2 ch, 3 DC] inside ring 3 more times, 2 ch, sl. st. to beginning 3 ch

2: 3 ch, turn your work, 2 DC, 2 ch, 3 DC inside ch sp from previous row (= 3DC, 2 ch, 3DC which forms a corner); [go directly into next sp., 3 DC, 2 ch, 3 DC] 3 more times, sl st to first ch 3 to join round.

3: 3 ch, turn your work, 2 DC inside space (=3 DC); [going directly into next sp. 3DC, 2 ch, 3DC (=corner); going into next sp 3DC] 4 times, sl st to join this round.

4-end (until piece measures 88 cm/35 inches or until you are satisfied with size): Repeat row 3, always placing 3 DC inside simple β€œside” spaces, and 3 DC, 2 ch, 3 DC into each corner (4 per round to form a square).

Fasten off leaving a long tail to sew in one sleeve.

Once you have finished your granny square, fold in half, and measure 23 cm/9 inches from the centre fold (inside of cardigan) to form arm pit and hole, place stitch marker. Use long tail of yarn and tapestry needle to sew seam from stitch marker to end of cardigan. Make a double knot, sew in loose ends. Repeat on the other side, attaching a piece of yarn to sew that edge of cardigan. Fasten off and tidy all loose ends.

Border (both arms and front of cardigan):

1: Attach Stylecraft yarn in Lipstick onto any st. of sleeve hole, 1 ch, SC into every st around, sl st to 1st 1 ch.

2: 3 ch (counts as 1st DC of round), Dc into every SC from previous row, sl st to first 3 ch.

3: repeat row 2.

4: 3 ch, 6 DC inside that same first st (=7 DC forming first shell), [skip 3 st., 7 DC into 4th st, sk 3 st.] until only a few stitches remain, sl st to finish shell edging.

Fasten off, tidy all loose ends.


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