Crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan Pattern

Crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan Pattern


Crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan Pattern

Hi everyone, today I am bringing to you a tutorial on how to crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan pattern. I hope you are well this week. I am feeling positive, and am very excited to bring to you this new crochet project. It is a super easy hexagon cardigan to crochet, and it is a very therapeutic project to crochet.

The video tutorial for this project can be found here:

Crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan Pattern: the inspiration

I absolutely love hexagon cardigans. Indeed, they are so versatile, and can be made to look and customized in so many different ways. I had wanted to create this hexagon cardigan for a long time. Now that I have completed this one, I want to crochet yet another one with applique flowers this time. So watch this space for yet another crochet hexagon cardigan that I will be making in the coming months.

Crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan Pattern
This is a very vintage vibes project

I love hexagon cardigans. They look stylish and feminine, and are very easy to crochet. Indeed, they are created from 2 simple hexagon panels which are then stitched together. This creates the cardigan shape of this project. This is a very beginner friendly project.

For this project, I decided that this cardigan did not need any extra borders or edgings. I think it is a statement piece just on it’s own. The beautiful yarn (I will talk about this later on) and simple lines make this cardigan perfect. It looks very cozy and slightly oversized, which is the look I was going for.

The 1960s and 1970s really inspired this cardigan. I think the Granny Square vibes of this hexagon cardigan is very pretty and vintage looking. This is the reason why I will be making another hexagon cardigan very soon! As I want to add some applique flowers to this project to make it even more lovely. I love the vintage vibes of this project so much!

Crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan Pattern
This is a very feminine crochet project

Crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan Pattern: the yarn

I used Scheepjes Silvi yarn for this hexagon cardigan. This yarn is considered super chunky, and looks beautiful in all seasons. It is made up of 30% wool and 70% acrylic, and is a super soft and fluffy yarn. As it is super chunky, it gives off major Autumn vibes, which I love! This yarn is perfect for this slightly oversized cardigan. It is warm yet soft. It will be perfect for the more chilly months to come.

You can however substitute this yarn very easily. As it’s a super chunky yarn, you can crochet this project with any chunky yarn of your preference of course. This is a great crochet project as it can be crocheted with your favorite super chunky yarn too!

Crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan Pattern
This is super easy beginner friendly project

As I previously said, this is great project for a beginner. Once both hexagon panels are joined together, only a very simple border is added to the front and bottom of the cardigan. An equally simple edging is added to each sleeve. And voila, your cardigan is done!

Let me know if you make this project. I love to hear from you, so don’t forget to leave me a comment below!

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Crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan: The Pattern

You can purchase the ad free, large print, PDF pattern from my Etsy store here: Crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan PDF Pattern

Level: Easy +

Notes: I will be writing in US terms (British terms in brackets)


7 (S/M), 8 (L/XL), 9 (XXL/XXXL) skeins of Scheepjes Silvi in shade 41, or any chunky size 4 yarn of your preference

A 9 mm crochet hook

A tapestry needle

A pair of scissors

This is the back of the cardigan


4” (10 cm) x 4” (10 cm) = 3 clusters of DC (when measuring from center point of hexagon).

Sizes of finished cardigan

These are the sizes measured once cardigan has been assembled, with the edgings and borders. Because this is a hexagon cardigan, the sleeves are wide for each size, and they are just worked up automatically while we crochet both our hexagon squares to form cardigan. Therefore, they automatically are bigger if you crochet a bigger size (ie add more rounds to each square).

The size indicated does not include sleeves.

Size S/M:

27” (69.5 cm) in length x 27” (69.5 cm) in width

Size L/XL:

29” (74.5 cm) in length x 29” (74.5 cm) in width


32” (81 cm) in length x 32” (81 cm) in width


ch: chain

sk: skip

SP: space

SC: Single Crochet (= UK Double Crochet)

DC: Double Crochet (=UK Treble Crochet)

Sl st: Slip stitch

EOR: End of round

Pattern begins here

Crochet The Sapphire Hexagon Cardigan Pattern
Make two hexagon panels

Make 2 hexagon panels

Ch 4, sl st to first ch to form a ring.

Round 1: Ch 3 (=DC), 2 DC within the ring (=3 DC); [ch 3, 3 DC] 5 times, ch 3, sl st to first ch 3 to close round.

Round 2: Ch 3 (=DC), turn your work, work 2 DC in ch 3 sp from previous row (=3 DC); [ch 1, place 3 DC, ch 3, 3 DC into next ch 3 from previous row] until eor. Ch 1, sl st to 1st ch 3 to close round.

Round 3: Ch 3, turn your work, work 2 DC into ch sp from previous row. Ch 1, [3 DC, ch 3, 3DC] into next ch sp (which is also the corner); [Ch 1, 3 DC into next ch sp, ch 1, 3 DC, ch 3, 3 DC into next ch sp (which is also the corner), until eor. Ch 1, sl st to first ch 3 to close round.

We are now starting to see this pattern being worked up more clearly. As the hexagon will grow, we will have more β€œcenter” clusters of 3 DC, and have 6 clusters of 3 DC, ch 3, 3 DC which are the corners (we will always have the same number of corners which is 6 throughout).

Round 4: Ch 3 (=DC), turn your work, 2 DC into ch sp from previous row (=3 DC), ch 1. Now, always place a cluster of 3 DC in β€œcenter” spaces and ch 1 between each cluster. These center clusters will be more and more frequent as the project grows. When you reach a corner, place 3 DC, ch 3, 3 DC. As previously stated, you will always have 6 corners per round.

Always separate each cluster with a ch 1 (except the ch 3 within the corner cluster). However, you should always separate these corner clusters with a ch 1 too.

Round 5-13 (S/M), 5-15 (L/XL), 5-18 (XXL/XXXL): repeat row 4.

Assembling your cardigan together

Once you have completed your 2 hexagons, fasten off, tidy up all loose ends. Sew in the center (where we began) of each hexagon to prevent unraveling.

Sew in the center of each hexagon panels

Now place both hexagons side by side, folding them so as to form the shape of a cardigan.

Place your panels like so side by side

Now sew in the back seam of your cardigan, using mattress stitch.

Sew the two hexagon panels to create back stitch

With piece of yarn and tapestry needle, start seaming the top part of the cardigan together as seen in photo. Sew the seam in straight across.

Sew in the top of the cardigan

Fasten off, tidy up all loose end.

Front, neck and bottom edging

Attach yarn onto any side on the bottom edge of the front opening of the cardigan.

Ch 1, place a SC into each stitch across, going around the front opening and the bottom edge of the cardigan, until you reach the first ch 1 from the beginning. Sl st through this ch 1, fasten off, tidy up your loose end.

Sleeve cuffs

Round 1: Ch 1 (=SC), [sk 1 stitch, 1 SC] until eor. Sl st to first ch 1 to close off round.

Round 2: Repeat round 1.

Fasten off, tidy up all loose ends.

This is such an easy project






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