Crochet The Unique Unicorn Wrap

Crochet The Unique Unicorn Wrap


Crochet The Unique Unicorn Wrap

Hi everyone, I hope you are well. This week I am bringing a new pattern to you, it’s on how to Crochet The Unique Unicorn Wrap.

I wanted to share this new pattern with you, which is for a scarf/wrap. I called it The Rainbow Scarf/Wrap because this design can be made as a scarf (using one skein of Lion Brand’s Shawl in a Ball in shade Unique Unicorn), or a Wrap (using two skeins of that same yarn).

You can find my Youtube tutorial for this pattern here : Crochet Unique Unicorn Video Tutorial

A very simple design

It’s a very simple design using a repetition of the V-stitch. The beautiful shades of this yarn make it absolutely gorgeous. The colours of this yarn are true to it’s name Unique Unicorn, because they definitely have a fairy tale quality to it! I know crocheting this scarf really soothed my soul, and quietened my spirit. In my case, I made it for a dear friend, and she loved it! I made the scarf version, however I will be making the wrap very soon. And I may use a different shade, we will see.

Crochet The Unique Unicorn Wrap
The Colours of this yarn are stunning

Crochet The Unique Unicorn Wrap: Behind the name

Called Unique Unicorn, this yarn is so delightful to work with in every sense. It’s colours are absolutely lovely, the variations very rainbow like (or Unicorn like), and it feels gorgeous. It is also very easy to crochet with, and works up pretty quickly, so this could be a perfect last minute gift for a friend or member of your family.Β 

Crocheted in a simple pattern of V Stitches, it is very easy to work up into either a scarf or wrap. This pattern can make a perfect beginner project for anybody wanting to start to crochet. It can be brilliant too if you are an avid or expert crocheter too, as it is always nice to be able to work on a mindless, easy-going project from time to time. I know I loved making this scarf for a dear friend for Christmas, and she loved it!

Crochet The Unique Unicorn Wrap
The V stitch pattern is very easy to crochet

The Pattern

The pattern and yarn make it very delicate and precious, and if you want to make a scarf, you will need just one skein. If you want to crochet the wrap, you will need to invest in two skeins. They are quite reasonably priced and great value, so I definitely recommend this yarn. This scarf or wrap will last forever, so whether you are making it for yourself or someone, it will be very long lasting, even if you wash it.

Another great advantage of this scarf and yarn is that it is very soft and silky to the touch, and despite its wool-like look, it has no wool in it, so it is a great gift for someone who may be allergic to wool, which is a huge bonus!

A very quick project

So to conclude, this is a great project that works up really quickly, so if you want to crochet an item in one afternoon that has the wow factor, this is for you.

I would love to know your thoughts on this project, and if you crocheted it in the shade Unique Unicorn, or another shade. Did you make the scarf or the wrap? I always answer my comments so don’t hesitate to leave me one, and in the meantime, take care my lovely crochet friends,

The free PDF pattern is downloadable here : Crochet Unicorn Scarf by Selina Veronique

I hope you enjoy,

Xoxo Selina

The Pattern for Crochet The Unique Unicorn Wrap

Level: Easy/beginner

Gauge: 10×10 cm (4×4 in) = 12 stitches on 5 rows

Notes: I will be using US terms (British terms in brackets)

You will need:

1 skein of Lion Brand’s Shawl in a Ball in shade Unique Unicorn

6.5 mm crochet hook

Pair of scissors

Tapestry needle


Sl stΒ : slip stitch

SkΒ : skip

DC: Double crochet (UK Treble Crochet)

ChΒ : chain

Begin pattern here:

To start, make a slip knot.

Ch. 239

Complete rows as follows:

1 : DC in 5th ch. from hook (first ch 3 counts as DC and ch.1 space), [sk 2 st., DC into the next stitch, ch.1 and DC into the same stitch= V Stitch] until last 2 st, sk 1 st, and DC into last st.

2 : ch. 3 (counts as DC), turn your work, [DC, ch.1, DC] into V-Stitch from previous row, repeat this until last V-Stitch, DC into DC from previous row

3-17 : repeat row 2.

Fasten off and tidy all loose ends.


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