Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse
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Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse Pattern


Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse Pattern

Hi everyone, this week I am bringing to you a this Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse Pattern. This is a super easy crochet tutorial on how to crochet this vintage purse. It is a very sweet and cute project, perfect for a gift. This beginner friendly crochet tutorial is perfect for beginners.

The video tutorial can be found here:

Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse Pattern: a Victorian Essential

The Victorian Drawstring Purse marks the return of the Vintage Crochet Series. It is beautiful, and is inspired by the purses worn during the 19th Century across Europe. This type of dainty and feminine drawstring bag or purse was very popular during the Victorian Era in England, as well as in France and Russia. These types of purses were often seen worn by elegant and upper class women.

Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse
This Victorian accessory is very dainty

Often made in crochet or with a fine fabric such as silk or satin, these purses were very much in fashion. As is the case today, there were different bags created and worn for either the day or evening, as well as for different occasions.

I absolutely adore the simple elegance of this draw string bag. It looks perfect in this day and age too. This bag can be worn during the day or for an evening occasion. It is very pretty and dainty. I love how feminine and dainty it looks too.

This is a great project to crochet as a gift. It can be gifted to a young lady for her birthday or Christmas. I love how versatile this crochet purse is!

Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse Pattern: The Vintage Crochet Series

This project marks the return of the Vintage Crochet Series. Indeed, it is the first installment of my 2021 Autumn/Winter crochet tutorial for the Vintage Crochet Series.

Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse
This makes a perfect gift for a loved one


This dainty purse is perfect for the Vintage Crochet Series. If you are a beginner in crochet, it will be easy for you to make. The first stitches are crocheted in the round, before the rest of the bag is made using a very simple Double Crochet repeat row. Once the purse is crocheted, it is finished off with a simple shell stitch edging. I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did! I love the Vintage Crochet Series so much. Indeed, I had wanted to make a Victorian purse for a long time, and I am delighted with the result.

Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse
I love the vintage vibes of this draw string purse

Crochet Victorian Drawstring Bag: the yarn

I used Lion Brand’s Shawl in a Ball in shade Mindful Mauve for this project. This beautiful yarn is perfect for this kind of vintage looking project. It is a fine looking yarn, however, it is in fact quite a chunky yarn, which makes it more solid for this type of project. I just love the look of this yarn.

This yarn is from 58% cotton, 39% acrylic, and 3% other fiber. It is considered a size 4 medium yarn, and I used a size 6 mm crochet hook for this project. I have already used this high quality yarn for many projects in the past, including The Unique Unicorn Shawl. It is a great and beautiful yarn to work with, and I plan on making many more projects with this yarn. Also, I only used a small amount of this skein of yarn for the project.

Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse
The shade of this draw string purse is perfect

Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse: lining your crochet bag

This crochet bag is beautiful, and I will be lining it using a cotton or silky yarn. I think lining crochet bags is very important as it increases an item’s durability. I love the effect of a lined bag too, as it gives it a very polished and finished look.

You can line your bag using a sewing machine, or simply by hand sewing, which is what I do for a crochet bag.

You can find my video tutorial on how to line a crochet bag here:


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Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse: the pattern

You can purchase the large print, ad free, PDF pattern from my Etsy store here: Crochet Victorian Drawstring Purse PDF Pattern

Level: Easy

Notes: I will be writing in US terms (British terms in brackets)


4” (10 cm) = 6 rows

4” (10 cm) = 13 stitches

Size of finished project

Before sewing: 10” (25.5 cm) x 8.5” (21.5 cm)

After sewing: 10” (25.5 cm) x 17” (43 cm)

Drawstring bag
This is a very easy, no sew crochet project


1 skein of Lion Brand Shawl in Ball in shade 203 Mindful Mauve (you will only need a quarter of the skein)

6 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Pair of scissors

4 faux pearl beads (optional)


Ch: chain

Sk: skip

SP: space

Sl st: Slip stitch

DC: Double Crochet (UK Treble Crochet)

EOR: End of round/row

Pattern begins here


Ch 4, sl st to form a ring.

1: Ch 3 (=DC), place 13 DC inside the ring (=14 DC total). Sl st to 1st ch 3 to close off round.

2: Ch 3 (=DC), place another DC inside the first stitch (=2 DC together in one stitch). Place 2 DC inside next DC until eor (=28 DC total). Sl st to 1st ch 3 to close off round.

Rounds 1&2

3: Ch 3 (=DC), place another DC inside the first stitch (=2 DC together in one stitch). Place DC in next st, [2 DC in next st, 1 DC in next st] until eor (=42 DC total). Sl st to 1st ch 3 to close off round.

round 3
Round 3

4: Ch 3 (=DC), place another DC inside the first stitch (=2 DC together in one stitch). [Place DC in next st, 1 DC in next 2 stitches] until oer (=56 DC total). Sl st to 1st ch 3 to close off round.

round 4
Round 4

5: Ch 3 (=DC), place a DC into next st until eor. Sl st to 1st ch 3 to close off round.

6-15: Repeat round 5.

Shell stitch edging

16: Ch 3 (=DC), place another 6 DC inside that first stitch. Sk 3 stitches, [place 7 DC into next st, sk 3 stitches] until eor. Sl st to first ch 3 to close off round. Fasten off and tidy up all loose ends.

shell stitch
Shell stitch edging

Create 2 draw strings (make 2)

Ch 100, sl st through the 2nd and every chain until end of chain. Fasten off.

At this point, you can add two faux pearl beads before placing a knot on the loose end, and tidying it up. Or you can simply tidy up your loose end without adding any beads.

Add beads

Placing your drawstrings onto purse

Lay your purse flat. Take your first drawstring and place it through your tapestry needle. Once you have done this, start weaving your first draw tring through the bag, starting on the right side of the bag, and placing your drawstring into the 3rd row from the top (including the shell stitch border).

Place your first drawstring around the top of your purse

Going in and out of approximately 3 DC each time, weave your drawstring all around your purse, turning purse around to accommodate this. Once you have reached the right side, where you started off, adjust your drawstring so that it is nice and evenly placed around your bag.

Repeat process with 2nd drawstring, this time starting on the left side of the purse. Once you have gone all around the purse, make sure your drawstring is evenly spaced around your bag.

Place your second drawstring like so

To open and close purse, use drawstrings.



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