Crochet Victorian Era Shawl
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Crochet Victorian Era Shawl Pattern


Crochet Victorian Era Shawl Pattern

Hello my lovelies, today I am bringing to you a brand new crochet tutorial. It’s called the Crochet Victorian Era Shawl, and is part of The Vintage Crochet Series.

Welcome back to my blog, I truly appreciate you stopping by. This tutorial comprises the free PDF pattern you can download from this page, and a video tutorial on Youtube.

And don’t forget to check out the video tutorial on my Youtube channel here: Crochet Victorian Shawl Video Tutorial

Crochet Victorian Era Shawl
Victorian Shawls were often V shaped

Crochet Victorian Era Shawl Pattern: Inspired by the 19th Century

As most of you know, I love the 19th Century, and the Victorian Era is no exception! I decided to create a shawl that was distinctly Victorian in it’s shape, so I made it triangular, as this was one of the trends in the fashion at that moment. The Regency era’s long rectangular wrap was also still in fashion, but larger (not as narrow); I will be bringing a rectangular Victorian wrap design to my blog and Youtube channel very soon.

Crochet Victorian Era Shawl Pattern: Fashion and period dramas inspire my crochet projects

Fashion from the past fascinates me, and I am often inspired by period drama series or movies, and lately I have been absorbed with the BBC’s recreation of Victor Hugo’s Les MisΓ©rables, which is set in the French equivalent of the Regency Era (see my Fantine Shawl pattern present on this blog), and then the middle of the 19th century. I loved this mini series so much, and it has really inspired my crochet projects since a few weeks.

Let me know if you love Period Dramas too, and which ones you are watching. I am also watching a Russian series called Life Of a Mistress, and it is really good! I love the 19th Century like I said before, and actually my Master’s Degree Thesis was about a 19th Century French painter called Diodore Rahoult, so it definitely is an era I love and have studied at length.

Crochet Victorian Era Shawl Pattern: Tips and Tricks

Anyway, let me know which is your favourite period in history which fascinates you, I would love to know!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this new design, which features the beautiful Sirdar Colourwheel Dazzle yarn, and a Chain Arch Border.

You can download the free pattern here: Victorian Sparkle Shawl-Selina Veronique

Crochet Victorian Wrap
This shawl is Victorian in it’s shape and stitches.

Please do leave me a comment or send me a message if you have any questions or even tutorial and pattern requests,

Lots of love,


The Victorian Era Shawl pattern:

Level: Easy +

Gauge: 3 rounds = 3”x6” (=7,5x15cm)

Measurements of the finished shawl: 80 cm (31.5″) from top to bottom tip, and 147 cm (58″) large


2 skeins of Sirdar Colourwheel Dazzle in shade 500

A 5 mm crochet hook

A tapestry needle

A pair of scissors


I will be writing in US terms

Ch: chain

Sk: skip

SP: space

SC: Single Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

Sl st: Slip stitch

EOR: End of row

Begin pattern here:

Ch 4, sl stitch through 1st chain to form a ring

Complete rows as follows:

1: Ch 3 (counts as DC throughout), 5 DC in ring, 2 ch, 6 DC

2: Ch 3, turn your work, DC in same 1st stitch (=2DC together), DC inside each DC from previous row until centre ch.2 sp.; Inside centre ch 2 space place 2DC, ch 2, 2DC; DC into each DC from previous row, 2 DC together in last stitch

3-41: repeat row 2

Chain Arch Edging:

1: Ch 1, SC into each DC until center ch 2 sp, [2 SC, ch 2, 2 SC] into center, SC into each DC until EOR

2: Ch 1, SC into 1st st, *ch 3, miss 1 st, 1 SC into next st, repeat from * until SC before center ch 2 sp; place SC into SC before ch sp, ch 3, SC into next SC, repeat from * until end of row, placing a SC into very last st.

Fasten off, tidy up all loose ends.


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