Crochet The Paige Cocoon Shrug

Crochet The Paige Cocoon Shrug


Crochet The Paige Cocoon Shrug

Hello everyone! I hope you are well. Today I am bringing to you a new crochet tutorial on how to crochet The Paige Cocoon Shrug.

This is a super easy and fun project to crochet. It is very beginner friendly, and can be a great first time wearable crochet make. It is also very cosy, and the perfect accessory and cover up that can go with every outfit! Do you like crocheting shrugs as much as I do? They are the perfect accessory for chilly Winter nights. I love them so much.

You can find the video tutorial here: Crochet The Paige Cocoon Shrug Video Tutorial

Crochet The Paige Cocoon Shrug
This is a great beginner project

This is a lovely shrug type of cardigan. It is crocheted in chunky yarn, so it is super warm and cosy! This project is also a very simple and straightforward. It’s the perfect therapeutic WIP (work in progress) for an Autumn evening.

Crochet The Paige Cocoon Shrug
This is crocheted with chunky yarn

Crochet The Paige Cocoon Shrug: the design

The design for this cocoon shrug is very simple. We simply crochet a granny square until it measures the desired size (sizes and measurements are indicated in the pattern). Once the granny square is finished, we simply fold it in half. The sleeves and front rows of the shrug are then added. These are a very simple repeat of rows, finishing with a chain arch edging.

Crochet The Paige Cocoon Shrug
The chain arch edging is really pretty

The pattern for The Paige Cocoon Shrug is inclusive. The sizes range from S to 3 XL. It’s very easy to crochet, and can be adapted to any person’s size.

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know in the comments if you did.

Crochet The Paige Cocoon Shrug: The yarn

The yarn I used for this pattern is James C Brett Marble Chunky. This is a variegated British yarn that can be easily substituted by any other chunky yarn.

Chunky yarn is great for Autumn/Winter projects!! It really does give that extra warmth, as well as a very cosy vibe. James C Brett Marble chunky has a very wide range of colours, which is great for crochet projects. It’s also very high quality. This yarn is also 100% acrylic, which makes it a great choice for Christmas and birthday gifts.

Do you like chunky yarn as much as I do? I would love to know!

Crochet a cardigan
I love how cosy this is

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Crochet a cardigan
This granny square project looks very modern

Crochet The Paige Cocoon Shrug: the pattern

You can purchase the Ad free PDF pattern from my Etsy store here: PDF Pattern for The Paige Cocoon Cardigan

You can purchase the ad free, PDF pattern from my Etsy shop here: Crochet The Paige Cocoon Cardigan PDF Pattern

This really helps support my small business, and I really appreciate the support.

Level: Easy

Note: I will be writing in US terms


4×4 inches (10×10 cm)= 3 rounds of Granny Square.

Gauge is not crucial in this project if measurements of project are respected.

Size of finished granny square before sewing and adding sleeves and border:

XS/S: 38 x 38” (96×96 cm)

M: 41×41” (104×104 cm)

L: 45×45” (115×115 cm)

XL: 48 x48” (122×122 cm)

XXL: 51×51” (130×130 cm)

XXXL: 54×54” (137×137 cm)


3 (XS/S) /4 (M/L) 5 (XL/XXL/XXXL) skeins of James C Brett Marble Chunky in shade MC82 (or any other chunky yarn) = about 1200 yards for a size S/1450 yards for M/L/1800 for XL/XXL/XXXL

7 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Pair of scissors

2 stitch markers


I will be writing in US terms.

ch: chain

sk: skip

SC: Single Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

Sl st: Slip stitch

Begin pattern:

Row 1: Ch 4, sl st into 1st stitch to form a ring. Ch 3, 2 DC inside ring (=3 DC); [ch 2, 3 DC] inside ring 3 more times, ch 2, sl st to beginning ch 3

Row 2: Ch 3, turn your work, 2 DC, ch 2, 3 DC inside ch sp from previous row (= 3DC, ch 2, 3DC which forms a corner). [Go directly into next sp, 3 DC, ch 2, 3 DC] 3 more times. Sl st to first 3 ch to join round.

Row. 3: Ch 3, turn your work, 2 DC inside space (=3 DC). [Go directly into next sp with 3DC, ch 2, 3DC (=corner). Go into next sp 3DC] 4 times, sl st to join this round.

Row 4-end : Repeat row 3, always placing 3 DC inside simple β€œside” spaces, and 3 DC, ch 2, 3 DC into each corner (4 per round to form a square).

Fasten off leaving a long tail to sew in one sleeve.

Once you have finished your granny square, fold in half.

Measure 23 cm/9 inches for sizes S & M/26 cm/10,2 inches for sizes L&XL/30 cm/12” for sizes XXL/XXXL from the center fold (inside of cardigan) to form arm pit and hole. Place stitch marker.

Use long tail of yarn and tapestry needle to sew seam from stitch marker to end of cardigan. Make a double knot, sew in loose ends. Repeat on the other side, attaching a piece of yarn to sew that edge of cardigan. Fasten off and tidy all loose ends.

Crochet easy cardigan
This is a lovely cardigan for Winter
Border (both arms and front of cardigan):

Row 1: Ch. 1, SC into every st. around, to 1st ch.1.

Row 2: Ch. 3 (counts as 1st DC of round). DC into every SC from previous row, sl. st. to first ch. 3.

Row 3: repeat row 2.

Row 4 (chain arch edging): [Ch. 3, sk 1 st, SC into next st] until eor.

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Xoxo Selina.