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Crochet The Cherry Blossom Regency Era Spring Wrap


Crochet The Cherry Blossom Regency Era Spring Wrap

Hello everyone, today I am bringing a new project to you. It’s on how to Crochet The Cherry Blossom Regency Era Spring Wrap. This pattern is part of my Vintage Crochet Series.

Crochet Cherry Blossom wrap
This is part of The Vintage Crochet Series

Thank you for popping over to my blog, and I hope you are well, especially during these challenging times we are facing. I know I have been quite troubled these past days over the Coronavirus crisis, and have found solace in my crochet. It’s such a great hobby for relaxing!

About The Crochet The Cherry Blossom Regency Era Spring Wrap

This week I have crocheted a new installment in my Vintage Crochet Series, named The Cherry Blossom Regency Era Wrap.

You can find also the video tutorial on my Youtube channel here : Crochet Cherry Blossom Video Tutorial

The Cherry Blossom Wrap
This is a great project for beginners

Crochet The Cherry Blossom Regency Era Spring Wrap: tips and tricks

This pattern is super easy to create, with a simple V stitch repeat, and is made with one of my favorite yarns, Sirdar Pattercake, which is so soft and squishy. Two skeins of this yarn were used, and I still had some left of the second skein, so I think I may make a beanie for this winter. I love this wrap, the shape, which is long and narrow, is inspired by the fashion of the Regency Era, and I could definitely see it worn by a heroine from a Jane Austen novel. I love this era, and always creating a new Regency Era crochet piece every now and then.

In other news, this downtime we are experiencing at the moment with the lockdown is actually quite nice (despite the obviously very scary things that are happening in the world and our country), because it takes away the pressure of having to do all the things we usually have to do, and just slowing down our pace is something that has brought a lot of positive things into my life right now.

The Cherry Blossom Regency Era Spring Wrap is a cheerful project to make

I hope you enjoy this cheerful Spring wrap to crochet, that I have called The Cherry Blossom Spring Regency Era Wrap. It was a delight to create and then film, and I hope you enjoy making this simple project with Sirdar Pattercake in shade Flossy. This is also part of my Vintage Crochet Series, and this is a Regency Era rectangular wrap/shawl, crocheted in the very delicate and lacy V stitch.

Crochet The Cherry Blossom Wrap
This wrap is very light and comfortable to wear

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Thank you for stopping by, and take care my lovelies, let’s all stay home and crochet!

Xoxo Selina.

The pattern:

You can purchase the ad free, PDF pattern from my Etsy shop here: Crochet The Cherry Blossom Wrap PDF pattern

Level: Easy +

Gauge: Gauge is not crucial for completion of this project

Size: 39 cm x 175 cm (15,5”x67”)


2 skeins of Sirdar Pattercake in shade 750 (Flossy)

5 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Pair of scissors


I will be writing in US terms

Ch: chain

Sk: skip

SP: space

SC: Single Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

Sl st: Slip stitch

EOR: End of row

Begin pattern here:

Ch 206

Complete rows as follows:

1: 2 DC in 4th ch from hook, *miss 1 ch, 2 DC into next ch. Repeat from * until last 2 ch, miss 1 ch, 1 DC into last ch

2: Ch 3 (counts as a DC throughout), *miss 2 st, 2 DC into V stitch from previous row, repeat from * until last 2 st, miss 1 st, 1 DC into last DC.

3-36: Repeat row 2

Fasten off, tidy up all loose ends.


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