Crochet Romantic Infinity Wrap Free Pattern

Crochet Romantic Infinity Wrap Free Pattern


Crochet Romantic Infinity Wrap Free Pattern

Hi everyone, this week I am bringing to you this Crochet Romantic Infinity Wrap Free Pattern. This is a great crochet project for beginners. Romantic and delicate, this “infinity” wrap is a wonderful and lightweight coverup for any special occasion. Made up of a simple pattern of Half Double Crochets and chain spaces, this crochet wrap is very feminine too.

The video tutorial for this project can be found here:

Crochet Romantic Infinity Wrap Free Pattern: The Inspiration

I was inspired to crochet a delicate and lightweight wrap as I wanted to create a pattern perfect for a special occasion. Indeed, this crochet infinity wrap can be worn for a wedding or a baptism, and can be worn in both warmer or colder weather. Last week I crocheted this lovely and delicate infinty scarf, which is also a great accessory.

Crochet Romantic Infinity Wrap Free Pattern
This is such a fun project to crochet

The soft twist featured in the wrap is a very delicate detail that elevates the look of this wrap. I crocheted the whole wrap (which is a long rectangle), before creating the twist and sewing both sides of the wrap together. I find this creates a lovely little feature on an otherwise simple design. If you are looking for a wrap with more detail, don’t forget to check out this feminine pocket shawl.

The long rectangle is very easy to make. Indeed, it is a simple one row repeat throughout the whole project. It features a Half Double Crochet, chain 1 repeat pattern, creating a very airy and lightweight design. This is so pretty and delicate, and I thought that adding the little twist would be perfect too. Another great project which features a filet crochet design is the beautiful lilac cardigan with ribbed edging. This is also a very lightweight and easy project to crochet.

I had been wanting to create a delicate and original crochet wrap for special occasions. This infinity wrap is perfect for any special occasion such as a wedding or baptism. It would look perfect also on a holiday or a cruise.

Crochet Romantic Infinity Wrap Free Pattern
This is a very beginner friendly project to crochet

Crochet Romantic Infinity Wrap Free Pattern: The Yarn

I used two skeins of Bernat Softee Baby yarn for this project. It is no secret that this yarn is one of my favorites. Indeed, I have used it on numerous occasions, including this vintage baby blanket. I have also used Bernat Softee Baby to crochet The Simple Purity Vintage Shawl.

This yarn is so soft and perfect. I am really looking forward to using a lot more of it for future projects. It was the first time I used this yarn in this specific shade (Pink), and I have to say I absolutely fell in love with it! Bernat Softee Baby yarn is not only a soft and high quality yarn, it also features some beautiful pastel colors. I think this is why I love this yarn so much!

Crochet Romantic Infinity Wrap Free Pattern
I love this pattern so much!

The choice of colors is absolutely perfect for me and my projects. Also, these balls of yarn come in 140 gram balls, which is also very good value for money.

All in all, I really enjoyed crocheting this project. Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed making this shawl too, and in which color.

Thank you so much for being part of my community, and have a lovely day!

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Crochet Romantic Infinity Wrap: The Pattern

You can purchase the ad free, large print, PDF pattern from my Etsy store here: Crochet Easy Twist Romantic Wrap PDF Pattern

You can purchase the ad free, large print, PDF pattern from my Raverly store here: Crochet The Romantic Knot Wrap Pattern

Level: Easy/beginner +


4” (10 cm)= 19 stitches

4” (10 cm)= 8 rows


I will be using US terms (British terms in brackets)

You can find the video tutorial for this project here:

Pattern written in size S/M and (L/XL)

Size of finished wrap (before it is folded over and sewed)

S/M: 15” (=39 cm) x 37” (=94 cm)

M: 15” (=39 cm) x 45” (=114 cm)

You will need

2 skeins of Bernat Softee Baby in shade Pink

5 mm crochet hooks

A pair of scissors

A tapestry needle

Measuring tape


Ch: chain

St: Stitch

Sl st: slip stitch

Sk: Skip

SC: Single Crochet (=UK Double Crochet)

DC: Half Double Crochet (=UK Half Treble Crochet)

EOR: End of row

To begin

Ch 71

1: HDC into 5th ch from hook (first 4 chains count as 1 ch, 1 HDC, 1 ch sp); place HDC into next ch, [sk 1 ch, ch 1, HDC] until eor.

2: ch 3 (counts as HDC and ch 1), turn your work, [sk ch sp from previous row, place HDC into HDC from previous row] until eor.

3-83 (99): Repeat row 2.

Fasten off, leaving long tail to sew in your seam.

Create twist effect and sew rectangle together

Place your rectangle lengthwise on a flat surface. Take the left side of your project and fold directly over the other side. Now to create your twist, take the side of the project that is facing you, and fold over to create a twist.

Now with your tapestry needle and loose end, sew in your seam neatly using the mattress stitch.

Once you reach the top of your seam, create a knot and fasten off.

Tidy up all loose ends.



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