Crochet Easy Mandala Fluffy Beanie

Crochet Easy Mandala Fluffy Beanie


Crochet Easy Mandala Fluffy Beanie

Hi everyone, this week I am bringing to you a new crochet tutorial for an easy crochet Mandala Fluffy Beanie. This crochet project is really easy and fun to crochet.

The video tutorial can be found on Youtube as always: Crochet Easy Mandala Fluffy Beanie Video Tutorial

Crochet Easy Mandala Fluffy Beanie
Mandala Fluffy yarn is so lovely to crochet

Crochet Easy Mandala Fluffy Beanie: the yarn

Mandala fluffy yarn is a jumbo sized yarn, and is a delight to work with. I ordered this beautiful Mandala yarn last month, as I loved how cosy and soft it looked. For this project, I used the shade Pixie Hawkfish for this project, and it is the most delightful and feminine colour.

Crochet Easy Mandala Fluffy Beanie
This is such a warm accessory

I love variegated pink yarns, and this was perfect for me. I had always known I would create a warm fluffy beanie with this yarn. The result I got was not disappointing. This project worked up quickly, and this yarn is super soft to work with.

I am a great lover of Lion Brand’s Mandala classic yarn. Indeed, I crocheted a beautiful asymmetrical shawl pattern called The Unicorn Shawl a while back. This easy crochet project can be found on my blog: Crochet The Asymmetrical Unicorn Shawl Free Pattern & Video Tutorial

Crochet Easy Mandala Fluffy Beanie: the inspiration

Crochet Easy Mandala Fluffy Beanie
The colour of this yarn is so pretty

I had had the inspiration for a thick and warm beanie quite a long time ago. To be honest, I was just waiting to find the perfect yarn for such a project.

The weather here in the UK has been freezing cold of late, so I really needed an extra warm addition to my hat collection quickly.

This jumbo yarn looks and feels extra warm. It is absolutely perfect for the extra warmth needed on very cold days. I love it already, and am presently making a warm cowl to go with this crochet hat already.

Do you love warm cosy hats as much as me?

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Crochet easy beanie
Lion Brand yarns are so lovely

Crochet Easy Mandala Fluffy Beanie: the pattern

You can purchase the ad free, PDF pattern from my Etsy shop here: Crochet Mandala Beanie ad free PDF Pattern

This is a great way to support my small business, and I really appreciate it.




I will be using US terms (British terms in brackets)


4 in (10 cm) : 4 rows

4 in (10 cm) : 6 HDC

Gauge is not crucial for completion of this project

Size of finished project before sewing

9.5 in x 19 in (24 cm x 49 cm)

You will need

1 skein of Mandala Fluffy yarn in shade Pixiy Hawkfish

 A 12 mm crochet hook

A pair of scissors

A tapestry needle

A fur pompom

A darning needle and thread


Ch : chain

Sl st : slip stitch

HDC: Half Double crochet (UK Half Treble Crochet)

To begin

To start, make a slip knot.

Ch. 15

Row 1: HDC in 3rd chain from the hook, HDC into each ch until end of row (first ch 2 counts as a HDC) = 14 HDC total

Row 2: Ch 2 (=HDC), turn your work, HDC into next HDC from previous row, and into each HDC until eor

Rows 3-10 : Repeat row 2

Fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing hat together.

Crochet Easy Beanie
Your project should look like this
Sewing in your hat

With tapestry needle and yarn, start sewing up your hat from the bottom up (wrong side). Use whichever stitch you are most comfortable with (I will be using the mattress stitch).

Crochet Easy Beanie
Sew the side seam of your hat with the mattress stitch

When you reach the top of the hat, insert needle in and out of hat. When you gently pull on yarn, it closes up the top of the hat. Once your hat is securely stitched together, and you are happy with the result, pull tightly on top of hat (still on the wrong side). Make a double knot to secure it’s stitching.

Crochet Easy Beanie
Sew in the crown of your hat
Sewing on the pompom

Either with darning thread and needle, or yarn and tapestry needle, secure fur pompom on the top of the hat, making sure it is securely fastened.

Turn your hat so the right side is facing.

Fasten off, tidy up all loose ends.

Crochet Easy Beanie
And voilΓ , your hat is done




    • Selina Veronique

      Thank you so much for your comment! I know, I don’t know why Youtube does this to some of my videos upon release. I have switched them back on, and hopefully they will stay on.
      So glad you like this project πŸ™‚

  • JC

    Thanks for the cute pattern! I have Dolphin and Viperfish in my stash, so at least one will become a beanie. 😁

    FYI, in the print instructions above, you have turning the beanie right-side out AFTER sewing on the pompon. I think you perhaps meant to insert that turning instruction BEFORE the sewing on the pompon instruction?

    Thanks again for the pattern!

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