Crochet the Back to the 80s Shawl
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Crochet The Back To The 80’s Shawl


Crochet The Back To The 80’s Shawl | Vintage Crochet Series

Hello everyone, today I am bringing to you a new crochet pattern. It’s for the Crochet The Back To The 80’s Shawl. This is part of my Vintage Crochet Series.

I hope you are well. It’s been quite a while now that the UK, and a lot of the world, is in lockdown, and I do hope you are all safe and well during these uncertain times. Please know that I am here for you if you need anything, even if it is just to talk! You can either fill the form from this blog (contact me section), or send me an email at

Today I am bringing to you a new shawl project that is part of my Vintage Crochet Series, it is The Back to The 80’s Shawl. The basic triangular shape of this pattern is made with the Corner to Corner technique (otherwise known as C2C), and is really easy and therapeutic to work up. The neon edging is also a very simple Single Crochet and Double Crochet border, so crochet beginners and experts alike can enjoy it.

The video tutorial can be found on my Youtube channel here: Crochet Back to the 80s Shawl Video Tutorial

Easter 2020 in Lockdown

I know Easter week-end was a bit tough, and even though I am grateful for all the blessings in my life, this Covid 19 crisis has affected me emotionally quite a bit this week. Crochet has been my therapy and my source of well being, and I do hope that this new project fills you with as much joy that I had when making it.

This crochet shawl is made of a simple C2C repeat pattern, making it the perfect therapeutic project during these times. I love how this pattern creates squares, which really reminded me of the 80s geometric themes; I added the neon border as I think neon pink looks amazing with grey, and is definitely reminiscent of the 1980s.

Crochet The Back to the 80s Shawl
This C2C shawl is so easy to crochet

About The Crochet The Back To The 80’s Shawl

For this project I used three skeins of Cygnet DK yarn in shade Chiffon, and one skein of Stylecraft Special DK in shade Fiesta, and it was a delight to crochet! These are very soft and squishy yarns that are really easy to crochet with, and when wearing my shawl, I feel wrapped in love an warmth. Let me know what you think of this pattern, I love to connect with you, my dear crochet family.

The free pattern can be downloaded here: Back to the 80s crochet shawl

I hope you enjoyed the Crochet The Back To The 80’s Shawl.

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Lots of love,

Xoxo Selina.

The Pattern:

Level: Easy/beginner

Gauge: 10×10 cm (4”x4”) = 3 squares and 5 rows

Size of finished project: 70 cm (27,5”) high (from top center to bottom tip) and 155 cm (61”) large

Notes: I will be using US terms (British terms in brackets)


3 skeins of Cygnet DK yarn in shade 709 Chiffon, 1 skein of Stylecraft Special DK in shade 1257 Fiesta

5 mm crochet hook

Pair of scissors

Tapestry needle


Sl st : slip stitch

SC: Single Crochet (UK Double)

DC: Double crochet (UK Treble)

Ch : chain

EOR: End of row

Begin pattern here:

To start, make a slip knot.

Complete rows as follows:

1: Ch.6, DC in 4th ch from the hook and in each st along (=4 DC)

2: Ch.6, turn work, DC in 4th ch from hook and in each st. along (=4 DC); turn work to sl. st. in between the 3rd and 4th DC from the previous row; ch. 3 (counts as a DC throughout), and add 3 DC in between the 3rd and 4th DC from the previous row to form a square.

3: Ch.6, turn your work, DC in 4th ch. from hook, DC in each st. along (=4DC); sl. st. to previous square in between 3rd and 4th ch.; ch. 3, and add 3 DC in that space twice more.

4-49 : repeat row 3, adding the required number of squares as you go along.

Fasten off yarn.

Double Crochet Neon Edging:

Attach Stylecraft Special DK yarn in shade Fiesta to one end of shawl, ch 1

1: Place one SC into every stitch across to form equal edging border, working onto the 2 outer edges of the shawl (the V sides of the shawl)

2: Ch 3 (=DC), turn your work, place a DC into 2nd SC from previous row and then into every SC until eor.

Fasten off and tidy up all loose ends.



  • Donna "DJ"

    My Dear Selina, Your work is absolutely beautiful. But you must hear that 1000 times. I have been crocheting since I was 21 and am now 73 years young (smile). I have seen Bridgerton and Outlander, two of my fave shows. And being an avid crocheter have seen many patterns, including baby afghan from Call the Midwife, and I search them out after a show. I like to write patterns but am not creative enough to create them myself. So thank you, thank you, thank you for these beautiful patterns. I can’t wait to make them. Sincerely, DJ

    • Selina Veronique

      Hello Donna, thank you so much for your very kind comment! It really has made my day, it really warms my heart to know that you appreciate my work and patterns. Thank you so much for your support, take care, Selina.

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