Crochet Romantic Headband Free Pattern

Crochet Romantic Headband Free Pattern


Crochet Romantic Headband Free Pattern

Hi everyone, this week I am bringing to you this crochet romantic headband (free pattern). This is a great project for beginners, and looks beautiful in all seasons. This is a very delicate and romantic headband, and it’s a great accessory for festival season.

The video tutorial for this project can be found here:

Crochet Romantic Headband Free Pattern: A Feminine Accessory

I love this romantic so much, because this is so lovely and delicate. Headbands are perfect for every season, and I enjoy making these so much. A few weeks ago I created this headband with flowers, which is one of my favorite projects to date! It’s so beautiful, and perfect for beginners too. If you enjoy crocheting hairbands, this romantic headband is perfect too. If you like hairbands with crocheted ties make sure you have a look at this lilac romantic headband from a few years ago.

Crochet Romantic Headband Free Pattern
Crochet this easy and feminine headband

Hair accessories are so lovely and perfect for Spring and Summer. A few months ago, I crocheted this lovely Cottagecore inspired bandana. This is a great project for beginners, and looks lovely in lots of different colors too, as it is easy to customize. I also crocheted this vintage hair scarf which is very feminine and delicate.

Crocheted hair accessories are perfect for giving as gifts too. I know I love to crochet simple and fast projects for birthdays and Christmas. These crochet gifts are much appreciated, and are fast designs to make too. This romantic shell stitch headband is very popular for gifting, so I definitely recommend you make these for your friends and family.

Crochet Romantic Headband Free Pattern
This headband is so lacy and beautiful

Crochet Romantic Headband Free Pattern: The Yarn

For this project, I used Coboo yarn by Lion Brand. As many of you know, I love Lion Brand Coboo yarn, as it is so pretty and lovely. Delicate and soft, this yarn is definitely one of my favorite yarns! This yarn is 49% cotton, and 51% rayon from bamboo. This is a great yarn for the warmer weather, and comes is a variety of different colors.

Crochet Romantic Headband Free Pattern
This is a very fast and fun headband to crochet

The Pastel Patchwork Cardigan I crocheted a few weeks ago is perfect if you also love Coboo yarn. This is such a lovely and feminine crochet project! Coboo is such a wonderful yarn for both small accessories and bigger projects! I crocheted this two toned lacy scrunchie with this yarn, as well as this romantic lace shawl. A few years ago, I made this beautiful Summer pink poncho, perfect for the Spring and Summer.

This easy envelope purse design was also created with Coboo yarn. Needless to say I love this yarn so much, and look forward to making many more things with it.

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Crochet Romantic Headband: The Pattern

You can purchase the ad free, large print, PDF pattern from my Etsy shop here: Crochet Romantic Headband PDF Pattern

You can purchase the ad free, large print, PDF pattern from my Ravelry shop here: Crochet Romantic Headband PDF Pattern

Level: Easy


I will be using US terms in this pattern (British terms in brackets).


Gauge is not crucial for the completion of this project.

Size of finished project (excluding hair ties)

2,5” x 18” (6 cm x 45,5 cm)


1 skein of Lion Brand Coboo yarn in shade Pink

A 4 mm crochet hook

A tapestry needle

A pair of scissors


I will be writing in US terms (British terms in brackets)

Ch: chain

Sk: skip

SP: space

Sl st: Slip stitch

DC: Double Crochet (UK Treble Crochet)

EOR: End of row


Ch 71

Row 1: DC in 4th ch from hook (first 3 ch counts as a DC), DC into next ch until EOR.

Row 1
Row 1

Row 2: Ch 4 (=DC+1 ch sp), turn your work, DC into 3rd stitch, *ch 1, sk 1 ch, DC in next st* until EOR.

Row 2
Row 2

Row 3: Ch 3 (=DC), DC into 2nd st, and into next st until EOR (both ch sp and DC from previous row).

Row 3
Row 3

Row 4: repeat row 2.

Row 5: repeat row 3.

Create hair ties
Create hair ties

Do not fasten off, ch 50 for first corner hair tie (there will be 4 hair ties in total, one in each corner of project). Sl st through 2nd ch, and until eor; secure hair tie to project by slip stitching through a stitch on the headband, fasten off and tidy up loose end.

Tie yarn to each remaining 3 corners of project, ch 50 and sl st into 2nd ch, and into each chain until you reach eor. Fasten off and tidy up all loose ends.

I love
I love this crochet project so much!



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