Crochet Shoulder Warmer Snood Free Pattern

Crochet Shoulder Warmer Snood Free Pattern


Crochet Shoulder Warmer Snood Free Pattern

Hi everyone, this week I am bringing to you a crochet shoulder warmer snood free pattern. This crochet shoulder warmer is perfect as it can also be used as a cowl and snood also. This versatile accessory is beautiful and feminine. I hope you enjoy this new crochet project.

The video tutorial for this project can be found here:

Crochet Shoulder Warmer Snood Free Pattern: A Versatile Project

This crochet project is perfect if you are looking for a fast and fun project. I love crocheted snoods and scarves. Indeed, last week I released the Snow Princess Scarf which is so beautiful and feminine. It features a very delicate knit look crochet stitch. This week I am releasing a snood/shoulder warmer which is so lovely too.

Crochet Shoulder Warmer Snood Free Pattern
This snood can be worn so many different ways!

Last year I released this delicate snood pattern for beginners. It looks beautiful and is a very warm accessory too. Last week I released the Snow Princess Scarf, which is also a great scarf that features the delicate and textured knit stitch. Scarves and snoods are so easy to wear during the colder months.

If you are looking for a lighter scarf, don’t forget to check out this easy and lacy infinity scarf. You can also crochet this easy and romantic hair scarf if you want a feminine 1950s hair accessory.

Crochet Shoulder Warmer Snood Free Pattern
I love this stitch so much!

I love that this project is so versatile! Indeed, you can use this accessory as a cowl, snood (wrapped around your head), or a shoulder warmer. I love this project so much! It is warm and easy to wear too. Check out all the photos so as to see how you can wear this unique crochet garment.

Crochet Shoulder Warmer Snood Free Pattern: The Yarn

For this project I used chunky weight yarn (bulky weight yarn). I love chunky yarn as it so easy to use for the colder months. For this crochet snood/shoulder warmer, I used King Cole Big Value chunky yarn. This yarn is one of my favorites to work with; it is 100% acrylic yarn and is very soft and lovely.

Crochet Shoulder Warmer Snood Free Pattern
This snood is so feminine!

I love chunky and super chunky yarn to make different projects. The best part of using chunkier (or bulkier) yarns is that it is usually fast to crochet. The Fleur De Lys beret is a great project to crochet with chunky yarn. It is both elegant and fast to make. This classic French beret is also crocheted using chunky weight yarn (two strands of Aran weight yarn held together to form a chunkier yarn).

This boho chunky wrap is also perfect if you want to crochet a chunky yet elegant wrap. It is beautiful and can be made very fast too. I love chunky project as they are so fast to make!

Crochet Shoulder Warmer Snood Free Pattern
This stitch is so pretty!

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Crochet Shoulder Warmer Snood: The Pattern

You can purchase this pattern in my Etsy store here: Crochet Delicate Shoulder Warmer Snood PDF Pattern

You can purchase this pattern in my Ravelry store here: Crochet Delicate Shoulder Warmer Snood PDF Pattern

Level: Easy/beginner


4” (10 cm)= 11 Half Double Crochets

4” (10 cm)= 7 rows

Size of finished snood/shoulder warmer (before sewing)

Size S/M: 11” (28 cm) wide and 34” (86 cm) in length

Size L/XL: 15” (38) wide and 38” (97 cm) in length


I will be using US terms (British terms in brackets).

This pattern comes in 2 different sizes (S/M and L/XL).

You will need

2 skeins of King Cole Big Value Chunky in shade Sweet Pea

7 mm crochet hook

A pair of scissors

A tapestry needle


Ch: chain

St: Stitch

Sl st: slip stitch

Sk: Skip

HDC: Double crochet (UK Half Treble Crochet)

EOR: End of row

To begin

To start, ch 32 (S/M) or ch 42 (L/XL)

1: Place a HDC into 3rd ch from hook and into each ch across until eor.

2: Ch 3 (=HDC+1 ch sp), turn your work, HDC into 3rd stitch from hook, *ch 1, sk 1 ch, HDC in next st* until EOR.

3: Ch 2 (=HDC), HDC into 2nd st, and into every st (both ch sp and HDC from previous row) until EOR.

4-58 (S/M), 65 (L/XL): Repeat rows 2 and 3.

Fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing the snood together.

Sew in your snood

Place your project on a flat surface, and fold in half so that both ends of the scarf are touching. Once both ends of the project are symmetrically placed one on top of the other, place your tapestry needle onto your loose end. Now sew your project together using the mattress seam.

Once this is done, fasten off, and tidy up all loose ends.


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